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Services Offered

MBBS in Ukraine:

MBBS in Ukraine: Discover the experience of study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students, Wide range of state-of-the-art technologies along with best faculty provide the students with quality education. The young apprentices get attracted towards the efficient and modern education system in top Universities.

PG in Ukraine:

The Ukraine Education System (higher level) is one of the most recognized education systems in the world. It is an honour for the students to complete their PG education in Ukraine. The PG courses at Ukraine Universities promises the students with a prosperous future by earning a lot.


Engineering in Ukraine:

The young learners get an opportunity to experience the advanced and professional teaching by the expert faculty members. The Ukraine Universities offer very efficient engineering courses along with the promise of building a successful future for the young scholars.

About UKRAINE: Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is the largest country within the continent. It has Russia on its east, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary on the west, Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast and Romania and Moldova to the southwest. Ukraine became independent in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. The change in economy and political structure from the Soviet Union to an independent country made lives of the common people very difficult in the initial years but soon, Ukraine coped with the change and emerged as a successful economy and a prosperous country. Culture in Ukraine is greatly influenced by Christianity and the culture of its neighbouring countries.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Ukraine: WHY MBBS IN UKRAINE

  1. MBBS in Abroadin Low Tuition Fee
  2. MBBS in Ukraine follows a high standard of education and teachers here are all highly qualified
  3. No admission test is required for entrance into most of the colleges and universities of the Ukraine country. The admission process is very simple.
  4. Ukraine is a part of the Bologna Process thus ensuring a certain standard of education, control over quality and advisory councils for supervision
  5. Equal value in all European countries under ECTS European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
  6. World ranking of Ukrainian universitiesis high in almost every field.
  7. Almost all MBBS  universities of Ukraineare recognized by international bodies and organizations such as WHO also known as AVICENNA Directory for Medicine, IMED International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE.
  8. The students who have completed their medical degrees in Ukraine are permitted to apply for International Licensing exams like USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), MCI Screening Test as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.
  9. Scope of research and detailed study in the chosen subject area is vast in Ukraine.
  10. Almost all MBBS  universities of Ukraine have scope for studying post- graduation and PhD thus allowing students to smoothly move from one level to the other.
  11. Guest lecturers and visiting professors of Ukrainian universities include globally acclaimed teachers and working professionals who are able to share their vast experience with the young minds.
  12. Many professional courses such as medicine is offered at much lower costs in the MBBS universities of Ukraine as compared to anywhere else in Europe.
  13. Cost of living is also low in Ukraine. A student with a mediocre lifestyle can survive by spending around 100USD – 200 USD a month. The medium of instruction is English in most courses and thus students do not need to learn a new language for admission into the colleges of Ukraine.
  14. The Ukrainian method of teaching is at par with that of the rest of the world and thus students find acceptance in fields of work as well as places of higher education elsewhere. The climate of Ukraine is moderate throughout the year thus making life comfortable.
  15. Ukraine has signed a bilateral student agreement with countries such as Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and others thus making it easier for students to shift and to MBBS in Ukraine.
  16. A vast country with a variety of landscapes and vibrant culture, Ukraine is an attractive destination for those interested in traveling. Students can thus make the most of their holidays by exploring the country they gave chosen to study in.
  17. Foreigners join universities for accredited educational programs twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters (from 01.01.2018 to 01.03.2018 and from 01.07. 2018 to 01.11.18 respectively for medical faculty applicants with English language as medium of instruction) to obtain a master’s qualification – according to the results of evaluation of the documents submitted and the interview.

Our Services:

Getting Invitation letter from the university

Documentation work like legalization from external affairs and translation to Ukraine language

Taking Appointment and Payment of Visa fees to the Ukraine Embassy

Arranging air ticket to Kiev

Arranging road transportation from airport to the university

Providing Indian meal on arrival and providing students the opportunity to connect to their parents through phone

Arranging for accommodation

Admission Process: MBBS in Ukraine

Fill in application form by visiting our website or download from the site and fill it up Submit along with copy of international passport, copy of school leaving certificate, filled up application form, and the registration amount of 40000Rs for covering charges of invitation letter, courier and Admission letter For applying are visa

We need

1) Original copy of invitation letter,

2) Original passport valid minimum 1 year

3) Higher secondary/bachelor degree/master degree completion certificate (depending on which degree one is applying for),

3) Higher secondary/bachelor degree/master degree completion certificate (depending on which degree one is applying for),

4) Date of birth

5) Physical fitness and that the applicant is devoid of the HIV virus,

6) Sponsorship letter from guardian and bank statement to stand proof for it,

7) 16 Passport size photos

Euro educations will legalize the entire documents from external affairs and Ukraine embassy and translation of documents and travel insurance and submission and collection of documents from embassy of Ukraine and Visa charges will be charged as amount of 60000Rs After getting visa we will arrange the flight ticket to Ukraine with the group students our person will be accompanied with new coming students up to university and take care of admission process for this will be charged 50000Rs

Degree Awarded as General Physician( MD ) Duration 5.7 years


Post graduation in Ukraine 2018-2019 ACADEMIC YEAR


Post graduation in Ukraine 2018-2019 ACADEMIC YEAR All foreign citizens having higher university/college degree from a recognized academic institution are eligible for admission to National Pirogov Memorial Medical UniversityVinnytsya. Foreign citizens who dont know the Ukrainian language or having incomplete command of it may study the Ukrainian language at the Preparatory Faculty of the University.
National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya issues invitations to foreign citizens who want to undergo Post-graduate studies in 53 medical specialities and in 31 specialities in Master of Medical Science Course.
The tuition fee for the 2018-2019 academic year is as follows:
– Master of Medical science course (the term of training – 2-3 years; the cost of training – 4100 USD per year);
– Advanced training course (the term of training – up to 1 year, the cost of training – 410 USD per month);
– Specialized PG training in Medicine (Clinical Ordinatura) (the term of training – 2-3 years; the cost of training – 4100 USD per year);
– pure post-graduate studies, leading to Ph.D., M.D. Degree (the term of training – 3-5 years; the cost of training – 4500 USD per year).
Master of Medical science course and specialized PG training in Medicine (clinical ordinatura) are also possible in English. The cost of it is 4600 USD per year.
The average living expenses are 1500USD yearly. Prior to admission to P.G. studies if the language of instruction is Ukrainian you will undertake the Ukrainian language course. The cost of it is included into 1st year tuition fee.
The use of the university’s libraries is included in the tuition fee.
The visa support (issuance of the invitation and ensuring entry for studies)is100 USD.
During the period of education an accommodation at the students’HOSTEL , furnished accordingly to the social standards is given for the extra charge (30 – 45 USD for one person per month). For obtaining the official invitation letter for studying at the University you should confirm your intention to study at our University by, and to send us:

1) Questionnaire;

2) Copy of your passport;

3) Copy of your Diploma of higher medical education and transcript of marks (qualification record) with number of hours and subjects studied mentioned; After obtaining this information we shall consider the point of issuing the invitation letter for you. On obtaining the invitation to study, you should apply for the student visa at the Ukrainian Embassy in your home-country. In order to obtain visa , you should submit to the Embassy of Ukraine  the following documents:

1)  Visa application

2)  Original and attested translation of the Diploma and transcript of higher medical education;

3) Original and attested translation of certificate of general medical examination verified by official medical institution from your country of living and dated not more than two months before coming to Ukraine. It should contain the final conclusion of medical authority on absence of contraindications for medical studies and also results for blood test, urine, stool, malaria, chest X-ray analyses.

4) Insurance policy on giving urgent medical aid (except foreign citizens, who came from the countries, with which agreements on free urgent medical services were concluded); will be done at the University after arrival;

5) Original and attested translation of birth certificate;

6) 10 photos (size 4´6);

7)  Return ticket with open date of coming back to home-country valid with in 1 year. Documents # 2, 3, 4, 6 should be authenticated in accordance with the law of the country of their issuance and legalized in the appropriate Ministry and the Embassy of Ukraine. After visa obtaining euroeducations will book the ticket and confirm the travel date For authentification of educational documents (recognition of adequacy of obtained education with the education in Ukraine) after arrival in Ukraine you must additionally have the following documents:

1) Original and copy of your Diploma;(Degree)

2) Original and copy of transcript of marks (qualification record) of Diploma(Degree) of higher medical education, containing information on the form and terms of education, system of knowledge evaluation, list of subjects studied, weekly number of credits, number of semesters, educational weeks, practical’s in hospitals (C.V.),graduate papers, annotations of professionally oriented subjects, other components of educational process;
3) Document of the Supreme educational board (Ministry of Higher Education) about the recognition (accreditation) of the educational institution and the educational program (curriculum) by public authorities of the country to which the educational institution belongs, and country where this educational institution carries out its educational activities;
4) Document of the Supreme educational board (Ministry of Higher Education) on the rights (academic and professional), which are given to the bearer of the document by public authorities of the country to which educational institution belongs, that gave the document;
5) Original and copy of the previous education certificates (senior secondary school certificate) with subjects studied and marks/grades obtained.

MBBS in Ukraine fees structure

Ukraine is one of top countries of Europe in terms of its ability to provide quality education in the field of medicine. The medium of instruction is English and the degrees provided are acknowledged by all universities of Europe as well as the U.S.A, Canada and elsewhere in the world. The MBBS degree obtained from Ukrainian universities is also approved by international organisations such as UNESCO, WHO, MCI, PLAB (UK), ECFMG, USMLE (USA), MCC, and various others. Studying medicine at the universities of Ukraine is also much affordable as compared to others. Here are the fee structures of the leading medical schools of the country:

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya

TUITION FEE 4400 USA Dollars/year

HOSTEL FEE 250 USA Dollars/year

TOTAL FEE 27900 USA Dollars/6years

we are official representative of university  You can see the Website :


Tuition fee 4000 USA Dollars/1-3Year 4500 USA Dollars/ 4-6 YearsHostel fee 650 USA Dollars/year

TOTAL FEE 29400 USA Dollars/6 years


TUITION FEE 4100USA Dollars/years

Hostel Fee 1000 USA Dollars /year

TOTAL FEE 30600 USA Dollars/years


3850 USA Dollars/1styear

4000 USA Dollars/2nd year

4200 USA Dollars/3rd year

4500 USA Dollars/4th year

4800 USA Dollars/5th year

5100 USA Dollars/6th year

Hostel fee 700 USA Dollars/year

TOTAL TUITION FEE 30650 USA Dollars/6 years


TUITION FEE 4300 USA Dollars/year

HOSTEL FEE 1000 USA Dollars/year

TOTAL TUITION FEE 31800 USA Dollars/6 years

International Recognisation of The Universities

1) EQUAL VALUES IN ALL EUROPIAN COUNTRIES. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)


3) UK