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January 21, 2018BY Admin


  1. All courses are available in English as well as in Russian medium.
  2. The choice is yours. If you choose English medium, you can start the classes without undergoing a preparatory course for Russian Language. Though you will have the Russian Language subject throughout your Medical Course. This is important as you will have to communicate with Russians in their language and therefore without the knowledge of Russian language, you will face many difficulties..
  3. How ever if you choose Russian as your study medium then you have to go through a Preparatory Course in Russian Language.
  4. Foreign students willing to study in Russian Language, study in the Preparatory Faculty where all the subjects needed in the Medical Studies, in Russian are taught. This is done to make them familiar with the Russian Medical terms/terminology. Students have to pass the Exam held at the end of the Academic Session. Only after this, they can get admission in any University or college. These students can also work part time as Interpreters.
  5. An Academic Group consists of 8 to 10 students.
  6. Classes and Lectures are combined with latest Audio, Visual and Computer Aids.
  7. Studies are held for five days in a week, excluding Saturday & Sundays.
  8. Students, assisted with teachers, are frequently taken out to the markets, theaters and excursions. By this the students are able to know the culture of the country and get command over the Russian language..
  9. We recommend that during the preparatory course students should try to communicate with each other in Russian language.