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July 20, 2017BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

When she was six, her dad got her a toy doctors kit for her birthday, since that day she’s been roaming around the house with a stethoscope pretending to do a check up of her family. At the tender age of twelve, she found her passion which was to cure people, to heal the mankind. In her boards she scored highest in her school and was one step closer to achieve her dream, her parents couldn’t be more proud of her. They now believed in her and were sure that one day their daughter will become a successful doctor. She was admitted in one of the finest schools in Delhi and took coaching for MBBS too, these two years she knew were very crucial she studied day and night, gave up her social life to get into a government medical college. During these two years of her life, nothing mattered to her more than studying to pursue MBBS from a good college.

Finally, she gave the exam with 11 lakh other students. Yes, the competition these days is between 10-11 lakh students fighting for 60,000 seats. Still she hoped for the best. It was NEET’s results day she sat in front of the computer for hours waiting and finally, the result came. In sheer excitement and nervousness, she yelled “Maa Papa results aa gaye” her mom left the kitchen chores and her dad left the daily news on television and rushed to her. With trembling fingers, she clicked on the “show result” button. Her All India Rank was good but not so good that could get her a government college. But still they had hope as there are many good private universities in India. There was still an option alive for her to pursue MBBS. Little did they know about the Indian Education System and its corruption. The admission process started she filled every government university’s form and every private university’s form. But she couldn’t get into any of the government universities as she was of general category, her friends who scored less than she was able to get into one of the finest universities through reservation. That day she realised “In India, you don’t get admission on your capability but on your caste”. The fees of private medical universities were very high and with her father’s mediocre job their family couldn’t afford it. Still determined to make his daughter’s dream come true her father decided to take a loan or sell their assets. They visited a medical university in Delhi, the campus of the university was very vast and well equipped. She started imagining herself studying in this university. The Dean said ” Your daughter’s grades are really well and she’s really smart, we would love to admit her in our college but there are a few formalities which you will have to fulfil first”. Those formalities were heavy donations which was a too much for the middle-class family. Upon reaching home she wept a lot, a little part of her just died after listening to the amount of donation. Even though she was a smart student even though she worked hard she couldn’t get admission. Why? Because she belonged to a general middle-class family. A family who couldn’t get a reservation, a family who couldn’t afford huge donations. It wasn’t her fault it was the corrupted education system’s fault.

But the story isn’t over yet. The search for opportunities was on and googling she came across an option of studying abroad. At first hesitating about will it be possible or not, will her parents allow her or not but then gathering courage she thought just at least enquire about it. Enquiring has no drawbacks and there could be a better option for her. She came across Education in Ukraine in Europe and was quite impressed by the rankings of the govt. universities out there. She convinced her parents to get into touch with someone who could guide them through this option as the complete fees including fooding, lodging and airfare for 6 years was less than the donation they were asked to pay at the private college and  Ukraine is even one of the safest countries for students. Being the MBBS hub of Europe it was a much better option for her and she finally pursued it. Today she’s happy to live her dream the way she wanted it.

The first half of the story is nearly every student’s story who has appeared for NEET and couldn’t get through. Some of the students repeat, some change streams and let go of this dream. But this is one wonderful option where one can pursue his dream at low cost and best education. Just fill in the form below and we’ll provide you all the details and other benefits regarding MBBS in abroad.

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