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May 4, 2018BY Admin

Best medical Universities in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is a Best option for  Indian Students the following reasons:

  1. MBBS in Ukraine is taught in English medium.
  2. Some of the Medical Universities there are as old and  very good reputation. They have contributed a lot for the development of health care services and have many patents to their credit.
  3. Medical Universities in Ukraine are recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) and it’s graduates are eligible to practice in India after clearing MCI Screening Test.
  4. Universities are also recognized worldwide and opportunities for further education and / or settlement in India, USA, UK, Canada, Germany are a possibility.
  5. Many Universities provide MCI .
  6. Availability of India food.

Ukraine is a popular destination for Indian students – more than 8,000 Indian students are studying MBBS in Ukraine.

For more information, eligibility criteria, list of top ranking Universities, fee structure etc. you can visit the following website: euroeducations.com

But if you ask me I can surely tell you that if you really want to get the quality education and affordability is also your concern then join me in.

Vinnytsia National Medical University.

Vinnytsia National Medical University.I'm the official Representative of the University and i have completed my studies from Ukraine 1999 and started working with VNMU
we have good relation with higher authorities of University

Why VNMU ? Let me give you some key points.

  1. Top Most National Medical University 

    when you consider all other NATIONAL universities. There are 3 types of universities in Ukraine. National, State and private. National ones have better track record, infrastructure and funding from the government for research and development. Almost every month some research program takes place in my university and national level medical conferences are also very common here. So, if you’re​ Interested in making your CV brighter and better than anyone else than this is the place for you. More about this in point 4.

  2. Tuition fees:

    Tuition fees per year is just 4,051.94€ i.e just around Rs.2.85 lacs per year which is practically nothing when you compare it with the fees and capitation of Indian Private colleges. And also you have the freedom to pay it twice in a year. So, you can pay 2,025.97€ (Rs.1.45 lac) in 1st semester and rest of the 2,025.97€ in the next semester which decreases the burden from your parents.

  3. 100% English medium of education  Medical.

    You just can’t find any other University where almost all the teachers and professors have such a good grip on English making it easier for students. People say medium of education is English but let me tell you that is not the case. Only 50–60% of the teachers know and speak good English is all of the other universities. I’ve seen that by myself.

  4. Immense Exposure and Opportunities: Once you join Vinnytsia National Medical University, you will get hundreds of opportunities to take part in Research programs, Medical conferences in Europe as well as all over the world. Visa offices are very easy to find and also the University helps you and promotes you tale part in such extra curricular activities. if you want to know more about this then, feel free to ask me as I have lot of students  done something like this in my 4th year and 5th year. Traveling to different countries is also very easy from Vinnytsia National Medical University and that’s not even expensive and also it will give you an extra edge over your colleagues and competitors if you want to PG/Residency in some other country.
  5. No corruption at all. Vinnytsia National Medical University is super strict for this, they’ve a set of rules and they work according to that. If they catch anyone paying or even trying to bribe any teacher or anything of that sort than they(authorities) will expel you and depot you directly back to your home country at that very moment. Deans’ office is pretty much serious for these things because in other universities such practices are very common.
  6. Medical Education standards : This is something which you’ve to experience by yourself and ask your friends from different universities to know the level of education and sincerity which they have. We have 18 different hospitals attached to my university and all of them have different subjects and setups. In my university it’s impossible to survive if you don’t want to study anything. There are at max 12 students in 1 group which lets your teacher give you an individual attention.
  7. Hostel: On campus university hostel which is very clean,cosy and comfortable for anyone who wants to stay peacefully​ in hostel. There are 3 full fledged hostels. If you want to rent an apartment you can do that as well they are also very affordable but that is advised after 2–3 years once you know local people and get acquainted to the place.
  8. City and living standardsVinnytsia National Medical University is just 2 hours away from the capital city of KYIV. This is the home city of Ukrainian President “Poroshenko” so you can imagine the development of . No Racism of any sort. Local people over here love to see and gel up with the foreigners. That is not the case with many of the cities. To know more about this in detail. You can ask me. Everything is accessible here without any problem. Very affordable as cost of living is very nominal when you compare it with other cities. For example: 1 litre of milk is Rs.30₹ (0.41€), 1 dozen(12) eggs cost around Rs.65₹ (0.92€), 1 loaf of bread is just 15–16₹ (0.23€), 1 kg of onions is less than Rs.10₹ (0.14€) and 1 kg of chicken(breast) Rs.170–180₹ (2.3€–2.75).
  9. Number of Indians. This place has good number of Indians to make you feel comfortable but it is not yet overcrowded like all of the other universities and cities. This way they value more and you can make this and use it as an advantage.

If you need or wish to know anything else.

Don’t hesitate to ask me, I’m always ready and glad to help you get the best possible University out there. So that you don’t waste your time,money and energy. As these 5–6 years would really be the most important and crucial years of your life.