The individual program of specialized training course based on the standard program of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and approved by the Scientific Council and the Rector of the  medical university.

The individual program of specialization included the following theoretical and practical aspects:

Theoretical part

  1. Cancer of lung.
  2. Cancer of gullet.
  3. Cancer of stomach.
  4. Cancer of pancrease.
  5. Cancer of hepatobiliary system.
  6. Cancer of large bowel.
  7. Cancer of kidney and bladder.
  8. Cancer of prostate.
  9. Gynaecological tumours.
  10. Cancer of breast.
  11. Treatment of metastatic cancer
  12. Hernias.
  13. Stomach ulcer and duodenum.
  14. Acute pancreatitis.
  15. Urolithiasis.
  16. Acute intestinal impassibility.

Practical part

  1. Gastrostomy, colonostomy.
  2. Resection of stomach.
  3. Right hemicolectomy.
  4. Left hemicolectomy.
  5. Resection of sigmoid colon.
  6. Abdominoperineal resection of rectum.
  7. Rectum exterpation.
  8. Mastectomy.
  9. Excision of skin tumor.
  10. Gastroectomy.
  11. Inguinal lymphadenectomy.
  12. Cholesystectomy.
  13. Herniotomy: inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, femoral and ventral hernias.
  14. Duodenoplastic, piloroplastic.
  15. Sewing of perphorative ulcer.